About Synergy Source Serbia


Synergy Source Serbia is an association focused mainly on the improvement of quality of life for young Europeans.

Regardless of whether you have stumbled upon our organization by accident, already know about Synergy Source Serbia or just wish to know more about the association, let’s do first things first.

Synergy Source Serbia is a non-governmental, non-profit association established to achieve a number of objectives in the areas of non-formal education, international cooperation and the development of local communities. These objectives are, specifically;

  • Enabling individuals, groups and organizations to develop skills, acquire knowledge and attitudes required for leading an accountable and fulfilling life.
  • Providing support for the improvement and subsequent preservation of mental health of young Europeans through the development of healthy lifestyle, attitudes and habits.
  • Encouraging mobility of young people and enhancing the ‘European Spirit’ and a greater sense of belonging to the European community.
  • Supporting international cooperation, acceptance of diversity and increasing the amount of opportunities for personal growth and the development of young Europeans.

These objectives, ambitious as they may sound, we believe can be achieved – one step at a time – by following and persevering in the following actions;

  • Establishing – independently or in partnership with other organizations – Workshops, Youth Exchanges (YE), Trainings, Seminars and other forms of Youth Education in the field of non-formal education and personal development
  • Collaborating with non-governmental organizations across Europe with the aim of creating and finding international volunteering opportunities for young people in order to increase their employability and offer them a better bargaining-position in today’s job market.
  • Cooperating with non-governmental organizations throughout Europe with the aim of sharing and exchanging methods and practices in the field of non-formal education.
  • Supporting the development of youth initiatives in local communities by providing information and direct support in the writing and implementation of projects with social significance.
  • Organizing humanitarian and volunteer actions with the purpose of promoting life-long learning, mental health and personal development.


If anything is unclear or you still have questions about the organization after reading this, we gladly point you to the ‘Contact’ section of our website, where you can send us an e-mail with your questions which will swiftly be answered to the full extent of our ability to do so.



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