EVS Opportunities

EVS vacancy in Germany– 12 months

EVS in Germany, KarlsruheGreat opportunity to experience western European culture and boost your organisational  skills. If that is your aim, Germany is the place to be. Good luck with applying the deadline is the 1st of March !



EVS vacancy in the Netherlands– 10 months

YoEVS NLu like to help others? You think of yourself as a humanist? Religion is something you can relate to? If you answered yes to some of these questions and you’re interested in topiccs related to equal opportunities, anti-racism/xenophobia, anti-drugs/substance abuse and/or social exclusion- then the Netherlands offers a perfect EVS project for you.

EVS vacancy in Liechtenstein – 10 months (for people with EU-citizenship and basic German language skills)

EVS LSIf you believe that size doesn’t matter then Liechtenstein is a perfect place for you. Small and safe this country provides you conditions in which the average citizen of Liechtenstein doesn’t even lock their door because the crime-rate in the country is so low. If you like the sound of that and you are passionate about social work then check out this EVS project.




EVS vacancy in Austria – 10 months

EVS AustriaFamiliar with Montessori educational method? Passionate about teaching or supporting children in the process of learning? Apply for this EVS vacancy in Austria and gain experience with education done differently. Good luck !






EVS vacancy in Czech Republic – 12 months

czech515Wonderful chance to get  experience in organising musical events, theatre plays or sport related activities. If you have a preference towards working with disadvantaged children through art and sport, be sure to apply for this project . Deadline is 15th of March!



EVS Vacancy in Spain – 10 months

EVS SpainInterested in volunteering in Spain? Technological culture seems like something you would want to be involved in? Take the opportunity to apply and ensure your place in this EVS project. Deadline is 12th of March.




EVS Vacancy in Lithuania – 10 months

EVS LTFor all animal lovers, a wonderful opportunity to turn your compassion into true support. You will be living and working in a capital of Lithuania with people who share your cause. Good luck with applying!




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