EVS in Czech Republic

EVS in Czech Republic

Deadline for the CV and motivation letter to be sent is 15 March, 2015.

Date of selection 30 March, 2015.

EVS stay: August 2015 till July 2016

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers

  1. Volunteers will be involved in everyday activities of the organisation based on their wish, abilities and skills. It means, volunteers can participate in the non-formal education activities for children of all ages; can participate in free time activities organised for children; can cooperate with the media coordinator who is responsible for PR of the organisation, organising events, cultural events, etc.; further volunteers can participate in educational workshops organised for high school students, after school language clubs;
  2. Volunteers can also participate in activities managed by our partners: in sporting events, regular trainings, competitions; participate in cultural, musical and theatre activities;
  3. Volunteers can also learn about financial aspects of NGOs, managing social enterprise;
  4. Volunteers can also participate in activities at the library;

Each volunteers will engage in activities which best fit his/her needs. Each volunteer will have set up an individual plan with the coordinator to monitor the progress and to define the tasks as well as the volunteer´s own project.

Volunteers will participate in their activities approx. 6 hours per day flexi time.

Recruitment process:

  1. Each applicant will send his/her CV and motivation letters to medwell@fchcl.cz or by post to Mrs. Gabriela Medwell, Dubicka St. 992, Ceska Lipa, post code 47001, Czech Republic.
  2. Next, the successful applicants will be asked to fill in a questionnaire and complete English test.
  3. Third step will involve a skype call.

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