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Five “Goodies” you get through Self Development

We go through each and every day facing numerous life events that occur one after another. Some are less remarkable than others, but all of them present a chance for personal growth and an opportunity to get closer to the results we say we want to have in our lives.

Every time we succeed in looking at a situation from a different angle, react and respond in a non-customized way, listen instead of speaking or repeating what we already know, the field of our awareness expands and we gain deeper insight into the mechanisms and the thoughts that are shaping our mood, behaviour and outcomes throughout our days.

Investing in developing ourselves is an ongoing inner journey that requires self-love, vulnerability, devotion, curiosity, playfulness and many other virtues that we sometimes forget that we have.

The ones who dare to head off on this expedition to the unknown often discover and obtain various ¨goodies¨ life has to offer when they are open and receptive. From inner peace, acceptance, flexibility, longer periods joy and tranquility to being free from addiction and suffering.

Here are the 5 benefits of self development we as ¨Synergy Source Serbia¨ have discovered through continuous self-work but also from working with many other people we encountered on the path:

  • Increased focus and effectiveness

Once we discover our inner drives and defence mechanism we gain more clarity in why we do what we do. This supports us in ¨letting go¨ of the unnecessary, limiting thoughts and behaviour and supports us to stay focused and dedicated to the goal we want to reach.

  • Finding a purpose in life

Living a life that is in tune with our vision, values and mission can lead us to a very fulfilling state of being. If we are not aware of what is our personal purpose in life, then our actions will be scattered or we could find ourselves being in a gap very often. With self-consciousness comes the insight of personal potential and aspirations that leads to discovery on our purpose in life.

  • Enjoying work, increased productivity

A sense of direction influences the work we choose to do and the way we do it. Once we are more clear on the things we wish to achieve from life, our decision-making efforts become a lot easier. This brings more lightness and playfulness in the work we do and we start to earn money while enjoying it.

  • Overcoming the limiting belief of fixed income

With self development comes the increased feeling of resourcefulness and our intrinsic motivation increases. This means seeing business opportunities where others see a ¨wall¨ and taking initiative and performing actions that no one thought of before.

  • More fulfilling relationships

There are many quotes that refer to self-love being the basis of any other love we can feel and share with others. One of them states ¨Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.¨ and we believe that it is truly as simple as that. Once we feel the love within, we will be able to connect our your family, friends and people around creating deeper and more significant relationship that last.


If you are interested in self development we can recommend you the following trainings and workshops and activities:


Workshop for Relaxation and Self-Support: Password to Inner Peace

Advanced Assertive Skills Workshop: Core Communication

Personal Development Workshop:  Mind Made Up

Peace Club ( )

Event Wise Training!EVENT-WISE-Training/c1msf/9190E416-E942-4880-A7CA-55DD01EE5884

Practicing Coaching Training!The-NEW-PRACTICING-COACHING-Training/c1msf/F0E759AC-C60A-430A-96EE-E4134F00E63C



For further information, compliments and/or recommendations feel free to contact us.

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