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The Peace Club

Dear Synergy Source Serbia sidekicks,



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We have received many words of encouragement and support with our mission from you over the last few months. Your trust and curiosity inspired us to organize something new, so this week we present you our “Peace Club”.

The “Peace Club” is a result of cooperation between Synergy Source Serbia and Peace Revolution (a foundation from Thailand) and it consists of free yoga & meditation sessions that take place once a week.

Throughout the sessions participants have the opportunity to get in contact with basic yoga and meditation exercises which, if developed as a habit, can lead to many beneficial results both on the body and the mind. Over time this inner peace practice enables the practitioners to, among others:

  • improve their mood and behavior
  • increase the level of emotional stability
  • cultivate resourcefulness and creativity
  • increase the feeling of joy and happiness
  • develop a stronger sense of intuition

With this intention we gathered this Wednesday (8th of April 2015) to perform the very first of the many Peace Club events to come. Judging from the feedback that came from our participants the first session was nothing less than a success.

That is why from now on every Wednesday night from 19:00 to 21:00 is reserved for cultivating inner peace or just looking very Zen for the sake of it.

The structure of the session is very simple:

– We’ll get together at 19:00

– We practice yoga, with our lovely yoga instructor-in-education Milena. This takes about 45 minutes.

– When everybody is stretched and comfortable, we take a short break

– After, we move on to meditation. A meditation instructor from the Thai Peace Revolution takes us on an inner peace journey. It consists of a 30 to 40-minute meditation session.

-We end the night by exchanging a few words and inviting you to join us the coming week


Those who are interested to join need to know 2 things:
-Where the address Matije Korvina 22A is and how to get there at 19:00 on Wednesdays

-That you will need to bring your own yoga mat

If you are interested to join us or support us in any way, don’t be shy and contact us. It is always nice to see the reaction as it always has a motivating effect.

Warm regards,

Synergy Source Serbia

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