The Team


Psychologist, Freelance Trainer for personal development, coach and ex-EVS volunteer.


Sonja Velic


After 6 years of active involvement in non-formal education I decided to put my experience into action by being one of the founders of ¨Synergy Source Serbia¨.

As a person who is in love with people I am glad and proud to serve anyone who desires to develop him- or herself, with the best of my capabilities.


I receive a great deal of fulfillment and joy from supporting people to power up, level up, expand their energy, share it with others and by doing so improving themselves and their community.


And if you would tell me that I can get to be a super-hero, for my superpower I would choose:  ‘absolute awareness’. With this power I would open people’s eyes, hearts and minds almost instantly





Robert van der Wolk

Life Coach, published author, educator, speaker, co-founder of Synergy Source Serbia

We can remain in an ocean of sameness for our entire lives – but for those who are bold enough to truly make a difference in their own lives by embracing the change and perpetuate themselves by the internal drive to improve the quality of their lives, as well as for those around them, for them there is no limit.

Having worked as a trainer in personal development for over 14 years, I co-founded synergy Source Serbia, because I deeply believe that everyone who is daring to look for improvement should get the opportunity to manifest them.

Regardless of your background – one thing we all have in common: we can decide how to live our future. As an educator for Synergy Source Serbia, I help to Awaken Your Possibilities and to support you to the next level. For me, there is nothing more fulfilling than to see people have more, do more and be more of what the envision.

Those who are bold enough to think they can change the world, are usually the ones who do.

Awaken Possibilities

– Robert


Costijn Sommeling

Biologist, Pianist, Rower and Travel-enthusiast.

Biologist by trade, musician by heart, jack-of-all-trades in practice, I’ve worked in a multitude of fields and studied in more. I’m fond of my piano, my girlfriend and the occasional drink. I like sports and, for some strange reason, logistics and I try to combine these interests every once in a while.

After three years of setting up a rowing society for students, while in University, and spending one year as the actual chair of said rowing society, I moved to Serbia to found Synergy Source Serbia with my partners.

New to the non-formal education, workshop and EVS scene, I take on a more administrative role. After eight years of experience in logistics and administration, I’m not the guy to change your life, I’m the guy that’ll get you where you need to go in order to change it.


– Costijn

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