One of the main aims of our organization is giving participants the possibility to improve themselves and enable them to thrive in their own way. To this purpose, we developed a series of workshops that we offer to individuals, groups and other organizations – sharing the knowledge we have so everyone will learn.

The workshops available right now can be found below. Send us an e-mail if you’re interested and we will let you know when the next workshop is being organized. The dates will also be published on our homepage and Facebook group, which can be found here.

Click the titles of the workshops to find out more!

Workshop for Relaxation and Self-Support: Password to Inner Peace

inner_peace_by_mistytang-d3l85ih (2)

Password for Inner Peace is a self development workshop designed to offer support and encouragement to individuals who are struggling with anxiety, fears and phobias in their everyday life.

Many of us experience these feelings at some point, even several times a day but if we are constantly living in a mood of fear, worry and uncertainty then that is a sign you might be wasting your personal potential, giving your own power away and probably missing out on the opportunity of leading a joyful and fulfilled life.





Advanced Assertive Skills Workshop: Core Communication


Opportunity for people who are familiar with the concept of Assertiveness and its importance in creating interpersonal communication that “works”. This workshop offers activities designed to expand experience in assertive communication in a powerful, so-called embodied way.

There are many beautiful theories about communication styles, giving/receiving feedback, active listening and so on. These theories are  a good background, a place we can start from, but on their own they stand as wisdom quotes on Facebook walls that are preached but not really done.

In Core Communication everything is about doing.




Personal Development Workshop:   Mind Made Up

speech-bubbles“Mind made up” is designed as a storytelling event enriched by practical tools for discovering your thought patterns which create unwanted results in your life, and to provide ways in which to correct them or replace them with more beneficial ones.

The content of the this event is Inspired by the book “Language in Pursuit of Happiness” by the Charmers Brothers

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