Mind Made Up

Personal Development Workshop: “ Mind Made Up”


“Mind made up” is designed as a storytelling event enriched by practical tools for discovering your thought patterns which create unwanted results in your life, and to provide ways in which to correct them or replace them with more beneficial ones.

The content of the this event is Inspired by the book “Language in Pursuit of Happiness” by the Charmers Brothers.

In this workshop we offer content related to :


  • thought patterns, concepts and mental images and how they shape our life
  • significance and impact of language (conversations we have) in daily life
  • connection between language, body and mood
  • role of corrupted words and expressions and how to substitute them with more inspiring ones
  • power of vision and determination


The workshop is created with the aim to introduce a different approach to- and a new understanding of language. This new understanding provides a powerful, solid foundation and a useful set of tools for literally designing your life at home, with your friends, while searching for work, at work and everywhere in between. This is especially relevant for anyone seeking to break free from repetitive and ineffective patterns, actions and outcomes.

Facilitator and the creator of Personal Development Workshop “Mind made up” is Sonja Velic (Serbia). In some cases there will be a second facilitator/trainer, Robert van der Wolk (The Netherlands).

Duration: 4 hours.

The working language is English.



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