Password to Inner Peace

Workshop for Relaxation and Self-Support: Password for Inner Peace


inner_peace_by_mistytang-d3l85ihPassword for Inner Peace is a self development workshop designed to offer support and encouragement to individuals who are struggling with anxiety, fears and phobias in their everyday life. Many of us experience these feelings at some point, even several times a day but if we are constantly living in a mood of fear, worry and uncertainty then that is a sign you might be wasting your personal potential, giving your own power away and probably missing out on the opportunity of leading a joyful and fulfilled life.


The workshop consists of several methods and techniques that offer a viewpoint on anxiety and our personal role in creating it, but also possibilities for correcting and finally overcoming a mindset that does not serve our well-being.


In the Password for Inner Peace workshop you will have a chance to experience:

  • simple meditation techniques
  • state management
  • coaching on spot related to your personal story
  • self-coaching techniques
  • practical tools
  • brief theoretical input
  • techniques generated from TransActional psychology, NLP, Family Constellations, Gestalt psychology and practices in Buddhism


The concept behind this educational and developmental event is that we as humans live in the story we create for ourselves. Some create and keep on telling a story of sadness and sacrifice, some people of joy and prosperity while others tend to get stuck in the story of fear and danger. There is a vast number of stories and scenarios we created in the past and by repetition we conditioned ourselves to project them on the world. Is the world a sad, joyful or scary place ? Do those descriptions say more about the world of the person perceiving it ?


At times we tell our stories so many times that we might seem like broken records.


If you are tired of the same old story you tell to yourself and others and you feel the urge to create different results in your life, then there is a big chance you can benefit greatly from Password to Inner Peace.


Facilitator and the creator of Workshop for Relaxation and Self-Support: “Password for Inner Peace” is Sonja Velic (Serbia). In some cases there will be a second facilitator/trainer, Robert van der Wolk (The Netherlands).


Total duration of the workshop is 15 hours ( 3 days x 5 hours ) and your presence is required in all 3 workshops as the content is connected.


You are very welcome to join.

For more information and questions about the workshop please directly contact NGO “Synergy Source Serbia”


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