Core Communication

Advanced Assertive Skills Workshop: Core Communication


Opportunity for people who are familiar with the concept of Assertiveness and its importance in creating interpersonal communication that “works”. This workshop offers activities designed to expand experience in assertive communication in a powerful, so-called embodied way.

There are many beautiful theories about communication styles, giving/receiving feedback, active listening and so on. These theories are  a good background, a place we can start from, but on their own they stand as wisdom quotes on Facebook walls that are preached but not really done.

In Core Communication everything is about doing.

The concept behind this approach lies in a belief that as humans we learn the best by experiencing a situation, reflecting upon it and doing it again – practising. With Core Communication we provide a safe environment where you are invited to declare yourself as a beginner and practice how to communicate in a pure and effective way. You will basically have a chance to get a taste of getting what you want by doing no harm and taking no shit.


In this workshop we offer:

– opportunity to expand your self image

– chance to understand and accept your personal rights in communication

– new concepts and beliefs that will support your self-esteem

– viewpoints that will support you in being more kind and gentle to yourself and more reasonable with others

– more courage and confidence in social situations (for example, public speaking)


Facilitator and the creator of Advanced Assertive Skills Workshop: “Core Communication” is Sonja Velic (Serbia). In some cases there will be a second facilitator/trainer, Robert van der Wolk (The Netherlands).


Total duration of the workshop is 10 hours ( 2 days x 5 hours ) and your presence is required in both workshops as the content is connected.


You are very welcome to join.

For more information and questions about the workshop please directly contact NGO “Synergy Source Serbia”



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